soldier!ian is my life i miss him so much


Make me choose | Anonymous asked: “Soldier”!Ian or "Stripper"!Ian

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The Grand Budapest Hotel Interior 1968

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Can I just say something really quick? Of course. x

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Please watch it.

So disgusting.


some people’s voices are just very appealing. you can’t explain it. there is no way to describe it. it’s just like. how. why. why does your voice do things to me. why does it make me feel things. why. how. why

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Shit. Are you okay?

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Here, shotgun.

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As long as women are using class or race power to dominate other women, feminist sisterhood cannot be fully realized.
—Bell Hooks, Feminism is for Everybody (via jessieestey)

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Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer in The Normal Heart  [X X]

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get to know me meme: [3/5] male characters
ian gallagher

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The good parts are so good, you’re willing to suffer an unbelievable amount of pain, just to get to them.

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