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#1) i LOVE that song #2) why

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I used to be self-conscious about my height, but then I thought, f**k that, I’m Harry Potter. Happy Birthday Daniel! (July 23rd)

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cashier: that’ll be $4.20

me: bruh

cashier: bruh

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remember the time when zayn’s twitter icon was this


and then we were all laughing at him but he was all like


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U L T R A V I O L E N C E  [ 58min. / listen. ]

For the rage that climbs through the bones asking for a fight, for the fist that breaks every part of its opponent, for the pain that consumes itself in adrenalina, for the taste of blood between the teeth, for the strong body and horrid mind as you have a little bit of the old 
u l t r a v i o l e n c e;

[ 001 ] no church in the wild. | by J A Y  Z.  &  K A N Y E  W E S T.
[ 002 ] counting bodies like sheep in the rhythm of the war drums. |
by  A  P E R F E C T  C I R C L E.
[ 003 ] into the lair. | by Z E D D.
[ 004 ] seven nation army. RMX. | by T H E  W H I T E  S T R I P E S.
[ 005 ] glory and gore. INST. | by L O R D E.
[ 006 ] i want it all. FT. armageddon | by Q U E E N.
[ 007 ] fistful of silence. | by T H E  G L I T C H  M O B.
[ 008 ] demons. RMX. | by S L E I G H  B E L L S.
[ 009 ] ghosts’n’one. MSHP. | by  D E A D M O U 5  VS.  S K Y  F E R R E I R A.
[ 010 ] crying lightning. RMX. | by A R C T I C  M O N K E Y S.
[ 011 ] american horror story. RMX. | by D A R K L O R D Z.
[ 012 ] sail. RMX. | by A W O L N A T I O N.
[ 013 ] everybody wants to rule the world. RMX. | by L O R D E.
[ 014 ] female robbery. RMX. | by  T H E  N E I G H B O U R H O O D.

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  I’m with Mandy now.

            She’s good for me…

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my favorite thing about england is that the word pulp doesnt exist 

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Title: Happy Little Pill
Artist: Troye Sivan
Played: 147020 times


Happy Little Pill- Troye Sivan

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I just wanna s*** some d***


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Harry vaulted over the locked park gate and set off across the parched grass. The park was as empty as the surrounding streets. When he reached the swings he sank on to the only one that Dudley and his friends had not yet managed to break, coiled one arm around the chain and stared moodily at the ground.

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